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Jun 12, 2009; Stacey Richter Asks:

Thank you for replying to my Questions. At the moment I am reading the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. Which I got for my 11th bday. Hey Stac wat are your books about sush as My date with satan or Twin study and do u have any other books? At this current time where are you and when are you going to Australia if your not. Do you have MSN. Because I feel alone because I know nobody with the same name or last name.Oh and by the way u can call me Stac or Stacey not stacey richter because i feel like u ok plz reply within the next day.

Stacey answers:

Hi Stac, I'm glad you're reading Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. I haven't read that one but I hear it's good. My books are short stories about people and animals, but mostly they are about people. I don't have any other books right now. I don't really think you will like my books yet, as they are mostly about boring grown-up things like fights and relationships and money and home decoration.

I've never been to Australia but I'd love to go someday. It's nice to know there's another Stacey Richter out there I agree. I don't have MSN but you can email if you'd like. It's:

Jun 08, 2009; conundrummed Asks:

Does having a boyfriend necessarily reduce your ability to be a writer? Because I am thinking yes. But then isn't it super-heartless and a little inhuman to be all, "Hey I kind of love you and you treat me great, but you're distracting so PEACE"?

Stacey answers:

Yeah. Because part of the desire to write comes from the desire to have a significant communion with another human being, and the more lonely and desperate and boyfriendless one feels, the sharper this desire becomes. But you've gotta get over it. You deserve love and all that. Plus also, if you isolate yourself enough for long enough, you may not write more, just drink more.

I suggest you be a man about it. Men are mostly so fucked up about themselves that it doesn't matter whether they have a girlfriend or not, their ability to be a writer is not reduced; they continue to feel lonely and small and like they don't have enough of whatever it is that everyone else seems to have. Remember, just because you have a nice boyfriend doesn't mean that you are in any way worthy. You must continue to prove yourself, missy. Also: death. It awaits us all. Death. Think about it. Now go write a masterpiece before someone else beats you to it.

May 30, 2009; Liam, the MySpaced Asks:

So when can we expect to be able to get our mitts on some new Stacey Richter material? Got any short stories floating around in the ether of the publishing world? How's the novel? Our minds are a-inquirin', so we hasta know! Your fiercely loyal lickspittle, Liam

Stacey answers:

I have a story in the new Versus Anthology, a collection in which writers pit historical figures, fictional characters, and other entities against one another in various types of battle. Pandemonium ensues. My story is called "Barbie vs. Stalin."

May 26, 2009; Stacey Richter Asks:

Hello me joking hi I'm Stacey Richter I couldn't believe I have the same name as you so I'm not the only Stacey Richter I know. Hi I'm 11yrs old and I live in Australia. I came across you on the internet I searched my my first and last name and saw you so I put and found your site I hope you can tell me if any other Stacey Richter's have emailed you site? and Are your books appropriate for me? Or are your book for adults and can I just buy your book for BigW or Angus & Robinson's if you don't know these shop's look them up on the internet in google.

Stacey answers:

Hi Stacey Richter, I'm so glad to hear from another Stacey Richter! You're the first one to write me. I have found some other Stacey Richters on the intertnet too, but most of them are Stacy Richters, which as everyone knows is the wrong spelling. My books are a little too grown up for an eleven year-old, I'm sorry to say. Maybe take a look when you're getting closer to fifteen.

Apr 25, 2009; Font boy Asks:

Why can't your website be fixed once and for all so that apostrophes don't show up as � on my Mac? Is it too much to ask of your webmeister?

Stacey answers:

Demons. Could you please email me and let me know where you see them and what browser you're using to aid in the exorcism? Or just put it in the question form if you don't want to email me.

Apr 23, 2009; Kristen Asks:

Stacey, Thank you for being wonderful. In my opinion, not that it should necessarily matter to you, you don't write dirty realism. There's really nothing dirty about it, honestly. To me, it's just writing without all the candied fluff. I'm writing a final paper on some of your stories and having quite a hard time choosing which ones to use. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what you think is a consistent tone and/or theme throughout your stories. In my opinion, all your characters are or become hardened in some way. Some as more of a defense mechanism, some as a means of survival. Would you at all agree with this? A penny for your thoughts. (I don't have much more than that to offer, i am in college after all).

Stacey answers:

Hi Kristen. Your thesis sounds fine to me. Really, whatever you see is there if you see it; it's not a question of whether I somehow put it in or not. Interpretation is its own creative act, an act of seeing, and you should trust yourself on this. In fact, learning to trust yourself on this is part of what school is for. There is no right answer! And thanks so much for slathering me with praise. You're obviously very intelligent and articulate and I'm sure you'll do a great job on your paper.

Apr 23, 2009; Wag Asks:

Are we there yet?

Stacey answers:

Three more hours.

Apr 21, 2009; Fuck Prudence Asks:

I'm dating a guy who sounds just like "about men"'s post! My mom would describe him like this: he's a college-dropout chain-smoking delivery boy who is probably borderline schizophrenic and totally irresponsible in every aspect of his life. I would describe him like: he's the most fun I have ever had, and he makes me feel alive and vital and like an artist, and I like his crazy brain, and he's in a badass band! Obviously I know that dating him is not prudent. But...fuck living life prudently right? I mean, RIGHT? In your twenties? What's the point of not having any fun and denying yourself what you want just to...what? Live life "well?" Get some kind of, "hey you didn't fuck up and date any losers" award? "Great Job Living the Clean Life and Always Making Your Bed In The Mornings" award? Who's gonna give it to me? Mom? God? Why do we even think of dating people in terms of what's prudent? I did that for a long time and it still ended in bitter heartache. What do I want some organized yuppie for? Should I? Am I missing something? Why do I still care SO MUCH what my mom would think?

Stacey answers:

I think it might help if you had a name for this category of boyfriend to ease the way with your mom, your inner mom, and your friends. I'd like to suggest: Fun For Now. So when someone says, "Hey, Prudence, what's up with the chain smoking borderline schizo guy?" you can just shrug and say, "You know, he's fun for now." So then you'll know, and other people will also know, that when it's no longer fun it will probably also no longer be now.

Apr 20, 2009; About men. Asks:

Okay. Good point.

Apr 19, 2009; This is about men. Asks:

So. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I just realized that the guy I oh-so-maturely decided not to remain hung up on because he was totally immature and lived above a bar, and was my age but still in college and had even kind of dropped out of college due to the fact that he couldn't pay for it, and who, whilst dating me, disappeared for MONTHS and then acted like nothing happened (saying - hey, we should get together - when I ran into him) who then even more months after that, emailed me and apologized for his crazy behavior and then showed up at the apology lunch stoned and changing the subject when we actually got the apology part - he is dating someone. Facebook told me so. And the girl is, like, cool and interesting and mature seeming and possibly smarter than me. I had him all chalked up as sweet and kind of entertaining but possibly mentally ill and at least a total disaster and now he's dating someone who seems normal and even impressive? Did I play it *too* smart? What the hell? Is he, like, medicatd now and doing better? Should I just get cats? I was trying to be all mature and looking-out-for-my-own best interest and all the other self help bullshit, and maybe he really was sorry at the apology lunch, and the stoned, semi-incomprehensible thing was forgiveable because he was nervous? Do I just suck? Do I sound crazy yet? Because I can keep typing.

Stacey answers:

Come on! Snap out of it! Unfriend him! So he has a girlfriend. Do you think that means he's all better now? Who knows what she's like? My guess is she's going to have the same experience you had, more or less (better her than you), and she could easily be a meth addict, but also, who cares? It's not a contest about who’s the smartest/prettiest/most interesting with the winner getting the possibly mentally ill guy. He was mean and weird to you, so you broke it off with him—how could that be the wrong thing to do? There is not some perfect boyfriend lurking inside him, waiting to be released by the right girl or the right circumstances. I think you’re making up this guy's personality in your head in that romantic way people sometimes do, expanding the good and contracting the bad (because he acted like a dickweed and you still seem hung up on him), and I know you’re making up the girlfriend’s personality. Stop it! Really, just stop it. Find someone better, who likes you more, and don’t imagine that other people have some perfect beautiful thing going on when you look at their facebook profiles, because they don’t. In fact, don’t even look at the profiles.

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